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Save money by becoming part of our VIP community and help us grow!

Unearthly Apparel is unique in that we produce each shirt specifically for each buyer upon order. And we do not skimp in making sure each shirt is high quality. Creating premium T-shirts with unique designs is why our community loves our shirts. It’s also why they’re typically priced in the $70-$90 range. We do not mass-produce cheap shirts—and this very principle is what makes it costly for us to produce this way.

But one way to get a premium, unique shirt for a big discount is to buy during our presale periods. When a new design is about to be released into production, we offer a 30-day presale period. During these sales, the limited edition shirts can oftentimes be priced up to 50% off the retail. A great way to save money and ideally get 2 of our shirts for the price of one! This is because we collect orders up front and can produce a number of shirts together and save on cost, so we pass that savings down to our valued customers.

To be notified of presale launches, join our VIP Club. Our VIPs are the first to know. We also pass along special coupon codes from time to time on existing designs. Another great way to save money.

As interest grows in our brand of shirts, production costs will lower, but the first shirts we produce will also be among the most sought after and hard to find—the most valuable. So passing our website along to someone you know with a likeminded style for the darker things in life is a win-win. While our offerings will always remain limited and not mass-produced, we can work together to share our brand of wearable art and save money for those who matter the most to us: our VIPs!

Thanks for supporting us!

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