Darkside Degen T-shirt


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Official T-shirt of the Darkside Degen Community, an online horror community sponsored by Unearthly Apparel.

A Darkside Degen is a term used to describe a person who loves all things dark, including horror, and who owns a T-shirt from the Unearthly Apparel brand. The term is a combination of “darkside”, which refers to the dark and sinister aspects of life, and “degen”, which is a slang word for a degenerate, someone who is wrongfully considered morally corrupt or deviant by society’s standards, particularly through the lenses of mainstream, organized religions. Degen is also a reference to the gambler-investors of the NFTs linked to Unearthly Apparel’s limited physical clothing line. A Darkside Degen is not necessarily a bad person, but rather someone who enjoys exploring the dark side of human nature and culture through various forms of media, such as books, movies, games, music, and art. A Darkside Degen oftentimes has a dark sense of humor and a rebellious attitude towards mainstream society.

One of the ways that a Darkside Degen expresses their identity and preferences is by wearing a T-shirt from the Unearthly Apparel brand, which is a clothing line that specializes in horror, goth and occult-themed designs. Unearthly Apparel was founded in 2023 by a group of horror fans and designers who wanted to create unique and original T-shirts that celebrate the genre and its subcultures. Some of the popular designs include references to classic horror movies, literature, and characters, as well as original creations inspired by occult, paranormal, and supernatural themes. Unearthly Apparel also supports independent horror creators and artists by featuring their work on their T-shirts and donating a portion of the company’s profits to various horror-related causes and charities. By wearing a T-shirt from the Unearthly Apparel brand, a Darkside Degen shows their support and appreciation for the horror community and culture.

Show your allegiance to all things dark by wearing the official Darkside Degen t-shirt!

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