Meet The Team

M. Ripley

Meet M. Ripley, the enigmatic co-founder of Unearthly Apparel, a visionary at the intersection of horror and fashion. With a background in business and a heart that beats for the unusual, M. Ripley is the driving force behind a brand that transforms T-shirts into portals of the peculiar.

Drawing inspiration from the mysterious and the macabre, M. Ripley’s vision for Unearthly Apparel goes beyond conventional fashion. Each horror and weird T-shirt is a testament to a commitment to redefine style, inviting individuals to embrace the darkness and express their uniqueness.

A shaper of the brand’s identity, M. Ripley’s passion for the extraordinary extends beyond the wardrobe. Engaged in fostering a community that revels in the strange, M. Ripley envisions Unearthly Apparel as a haven for those who seek to wear their eccentricities proudly.

As a co-founder, M. Ripley’s journey involves more than business acumen; it’s a quest to curate a collection that transcends the norm. Unearthly Apparel, under M. Ripley’s guidance, becomes more than a brand—it’s a cultural statement where horror and weirdness intertwine, and each T-shirt narrates a story that speaks to the souls of the unconventional.

Shane Staley

Meet Shane Staley, the multifaceted co-founder, conceptual designer, and webmaster at the helm of Unearthly Apparel, a haven for those who revel in the strange and macabre. With a background in publishing, design and technology, Shane brings a unique blend of creativity and digital prowess to redefine horror and weird fashion.

He is also an American publisher, editor, and author. He is best known as the founder and owner of the Bram Stoker Award winning specialty press Delirium Books, a publisher of horror and dark fantasy fiction. He has spent the last decade as the webmaster and marketing director at Miskatonic Books, one of the leading independent bookstores in the world focused on esoteric and occult literature.

Staley is also a writer and editor, and has published several books and anthologies under his own name and as a co-editor. He has a reputation for his love of horror and his dedication to the genre, and is well-respected within the horror community. Staley is passionate about promoting and preserving the works of classic and contemporary horror writers, and his work as a publisher and editor has helped to bring many new readers to the genre.

As a conceptual designer, Shane envisions Unearthly Apparel as more than a clothing brand—it’s a narrative woven into every horror and weird T-shirt. His vision is a fusion of the eerie and avant-garde, pushing the boundaries of conventional fashion and inviting individuals to embrace their unconventional style.

Beyond the drawing board, Shane’s role as a co-founder extends to the digital realm. As the webmaster, he crafts an online experience that mirrors the brand’s ethos, ensuring that Unearthly Apparel’s virtual presence is as captivating as its physical offerings.

Shane Staley’s journey is a testament to the fusion of artistic vision and technological innovation. Unearthly Apparel, under his guidance, becomes not just a clothing destination but a digital space where the extraordinary is celebrated. Each T-shirt, a pixelated story meticulously curated by the co-founder who weaves the weird into every thread.

Introducing the Unearthly Apparel artists that collaborate on the brand and designs of wearable art worn by beloved Darkside Degens from coast to coast.

Unearthly Apparel


Jakob Grim

Lead Designer


Digital Artist

Michel Vincenté

Pen & Ink Artist

Jackson Weir

Comic & Tattoo Artist

Jakob Grim

Meet Jakob Grim, the visionary lead designer at Unearthly Apparel, where fashion takes a daring plunge into the realms of the fantastical and the mysterious. A maverick in the world of horror nft design, Jakob brings a distinctive edge to the brand, infusing it with a dark allure and an enigmatic charm.

In addition to his horror designs, Jakob uses his platform to challenge norms and celebrate individuality. As the creative force driving the staff of Unearthly Apparel artists, Jakob Grim invites #DarksideDegens to step into a realm where darkness meets decadence, and every garment tells a mesmerizing tale.


Introducing Griff, the exceptionally talented digital artist at the heart of Unearthly Apparel’s creative vision. A luminary in the world of digital design, Griff seamlessly blends innovation and artistry to weave a digital tapestry that defines the brand’s cutting-edge aesthetic.

Griff’s journey into the digital realm began with a passion for exploring the intersection of technology and creativity. Her work at Unearthly Apparel reflects a mastery of digital tools, breathing life into otherworldly concepts and transforming them into wearable art.

Griff’s artistry is characterized by a mesmerizing fusion of bold colors, intricate patterns, and a futuristic flair that pushes the boundaries of conventional design. As the digital alchemist behind Unearthly Apparel, she crafts visual narratives that resonate with the brand’s ethos, transporting fashion enthusiasts into realms where pixels dance with imagination.

Beyond her artistic prowess, Griff is an advocate for the convergence of technology and sustainable design. Her commitment to eco-conscious practices aligns seamlessly with Unearthly Apparel’s mission, ensuring that each digital creation carries the essence of innovation and responsibility.

In the evolving landscape of fashion, Griff invites admirers to explore the Unearthly Apparel artist digital frontier, where her creations transform garments into captivating portals to uncharted realms.

Michel Vincenté

Step into the shadowy realms of wearable art with Michel Vincenté, the king of all Unearthly Apparel artists when it comes to the pen-and-ink medium, where horror and weirdness converge. Michel’s artistic journey melds classical techniques with a taste for the macabre, creating a unique tapestry of darkness.

Michel’s pen dances on the edge between the eerie and the bizarre, breathing life into Unearthly Apparel’s specialized horror and weird T-shirts. His intricate linework, influenced by gothic aesthetics and cosmic horror, transforms each garment into a portal to the unknown—a realm where nightmares become fashion statements.

From haunted landscapes to eldritch creatures, Michel Vincenté’s illustrations evoke a sense of unease and fascination. His mastery of pen-and-ink storytelling elevates Unearthly Apparel’s offerings to wearable tales of horror and the uncanny.

Beyond the ink-stained canvas, Michel is a steward of traditional artistry in an increasingly digital world, ensuring that the dark art of pen-and-ink continues to thrive. An essential part of the Unearthly Apparel artistry, Michel Vincenté beckons those who dare to embrace the weird and revel in the horror woven into every stitch of fashion’s dark tapestry.

Jackson Weir

Enter the mind-bending realm of fashion curated by Jackson Weir, the visionary Unearthly Apparel artist and designer, where the bizarre takes center stage on horror and weird T-shirts. Jackson’s artistic journey is a kaleidoscope of the uncanny, pushing the boundaries of conventional design.

Specializing in the peculiar, Jackson’s creations for Unearthly Apparel are a fusion of surrealism, horror, and a touch of the absurd. From grotesque dreamscapes to twisted caricatures, each piece is a testament to his ability to transform the peculiar into the fashionable.

With an eye for the eccentric, Jackson Weir’s comics-inspired designs resonate with those who seek wearables that defy the ordinary. His portfolio of bizarre works elevates Unearthly Apparel’s offerings into a gallery of wearable curiosities, each T-shirt telling a story that blurs the line between the eerie and the avant-garde.

Beyond the studio, Jackson champions the celebration of the strange and unusual, turning fashion into a canvas for the extraordinary. As the maestro of bizarre works at Unearthly Apparel, Jackson Weir beckons the bold and the adventurous to explore a wardrobe where each garment is a gateway to the wonderfully weird.

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