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Discover unique and exclusive limited edition designs through our marketplace, but please note that the following items have been sold out and are no longer available to first-time owners. However, if you’re a current owner looking to pass on the torch, our marketplace allows you to transfer print rights to a new owner, enabling them to initiate a fresh printing of the design.

Emphasizing exclusivity, each design is limited strictly to the ownership of its original print run. The sole method for printing a new design is by acquiring the NFT from the original owner through our marketplace. It’s crucial to understand that obtaining an NFT doesn’t grant ownership of the physical t-shirt. Instead, Renewable Physical NFT holders gain exclusive print rights, allowing them to purchase a new shirt through Unearthly Apparel at the retail cost displayed on our purchasing page. Only NFT owners have the privilege of purchasing up to one printing of the design. Following this, they can choose to list their NFT for sale, burn it, or retain it for later resale.

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Immerse yourself in the world of limited edition designs and exclusive print rights with Unearthly Apparel’s Renewable Physical NFTs.

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