Skullvenger T-shirt (Limited Edition)

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Unearthly Apparel presents the Skullvenger T-shirt, a haunting masterpiece that epitomizes the essence of a death T-shirt with a vengeance theme. Part of our Skull Trilogy, including Skullgazer and Skullpent, this limited-edition design is bound to captivate those who embrace the darker side of personal expression.

The Skullvenger T-shirt boasts a striking 3-color front design with an intricate interplay of varying shades of gray, creating an aura of solemn gloom. On the back, you’ll find the unmistakable Unearthly Apparel logo, a mark of authenticity that signifies its exclusivity.

This unique design is limited to just 100 T-shirts, ensuring its rarity and desirability among collectors. Once they’re gone, they’ll be retired forever, making each Skullvenger T-shirt a true collector’s item.

Crafted from a premium lightweight tri-blend fabric, this unisex tee delivers both comfort and style. With 50% polyester, 25% combed ringspun cotton, and 25% rayon, it’s soft yet durable. The shirt features a lightly textured surface, 40 singles, contrast color fleck yarn, and is pre-shrunk for your convenience. Its semi-fitted design ensures it complements every wearer’s physique.

Collectors of the Skullvenger T-shirt will enjoy a range of exclusive perks. Each shirt comes with an 8″ x 10″ full-color digital certificate of authenticity, making it a truly unique addition to your collection. Additionally, we’ll mint an NFT for each T-shirt, transferable upon request, serving as undeniable proof of exclusivity and verifying ownership.

Unearthly Apparel specializes in original and limited designs that cater to enthusiasts of goth, horror, occult, and the darker facets of self-expression. Don’t miss your chance to own the Skullvenger T-shirt, a piece of wearable art that embodies the spirit of the Death T-shirt, and join the league of collectors who embrace the macabre with style. Get yours before it vanishes into the abyss of fashion history.

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