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cthulhu t-shirt certificate

Note to buyers: Digital certificates are delivered via e-mail or can be downloaded online with your order invoice at the time of delivery. NFT links will be available within the certificate (QR Code), but do not need to be transferred to the buyer if you’re unsure or not comfortable with web3 technology (blockchain, NFTs, etc.). In the case of non-transfer, the NFT will remain in Unearthly Apparel’s custodial wallet for reference (or until the original buyer requests its transfer). Unearthly Apparel can also act as a secondary selling agent for customers who wish to resell their purchases in the future and we can handle transfer of the NFT (more information on this will be forthcoming).

We’re a week away from shipping out our new Fall ’23 designs and have just issued certificates to all who have preordered these shirts. Posted below are a few sample certificates.

These digital certificates authenticate the production number of each shirt in the limited print run by connecting them to NFTs which effectively tokenize these assets. This ultimately proves to buyers that the T-shirt they’ve purchased is exclusive to the print run (in this case one of only 100 made).

Each certificates contains:

  • The number of the item produced
  • Date of certification
  • Signature of official representative of Unearthly Apparel
  • Blockchain contract number
  • Token ID
  • QR code linked to the official record on the blockchain for verification of ownership tracking.

All fall designs were recorded on the Polygon network. The NFTs linked to each item in the limited print run can be transferred on request to each buyer, and can easily be set up during the ordering process from our site. You must have an active Polygon wallet and send us the public address to the wallet for transfer. Read more information on these NFTs here. The easiest way to do this is to 1) download the Metamask wallet and 2) add the Polygon Network to the wallet (tip: skip to the section that states ‘Easy Way To Add Polygon Network’) after you’ve set up your Metamask wallet.

To find the above certificate’s linked NFT on the Rarible marketplace, click here.

We will have the future capability of allowing customers to optionally add a framed printed certificate as well as a framed representation of the T-shirt design purchased for an additional cost. When this is offered, it will be offered retroactively for all designs. Again, customers may purchase or pass on this opportunity.

Link to this NFT at Rarible here.

The value this provides to customers is much more than proof of ownership and limitation of production, it also gives buyers a digital asset that may very well increase in value over time. The possibility of making money on a resale of both the physical T-shirt and transfer of digital NFT is an interesting proposition we’re eager to see come to fruition in the near future.

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