AI Message

Artificial Intelligence thinks the human race is #1.

Or, wait…maybe it doesn’t???

Anyone Find It Funny That Everyone Is Talking About How AI Will One Day Cause Our Downfall? AI…Something That Can’t Even Generate A Proper Human Hand?

Tell us your thoughts…
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Come on, my 8-year-old niece just drew me a hand-turkey on a Thanksgiving card and she got it right, but AI can’t seem to figure it out. Yet we’re worried it’ll take over the world. 🤯

So we’ve designed a snarky tee with a deformed hand, mocking AI art.

This is the page we’ll reveal everything. Only for NFT holders of the AI Message T-shirt.

Unlockable content coming soon! Please check back.

Meanwhile, snag your tee before they’re gone!

AI Message T-shirt (Limited Edition)


We have sold out of this print run.  If this product becomes available on the secondary market through our renewal certification process, we will inform members who sign up through the above notifications list. Interested buyers may have a chance of acquiring ownership rights and purchasing a new shirt on our NFT marketplace. Note: third…

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